Just bought this 67 VIN 7F91A506955

Just purchased my first Cougar (had many first generation Mustangs). Its Caspian Blue, 289 4V, C4, Courtesy Light Group, PS, AM Radio, Electric Clock. The prior owner installed the Shelby wheels. Its a nice driver that looks like an older restoration. It came out of Delaware. I look forward to being part of the Club. Thanks!


Sure looks beautiful in your photo! Are you in Delaware area?

Of course the Shelby “Ten Spokes” were listed in Shelby’s “How To Sharpen A Cougar’s Claws” brochure.

In the Maryland area. Definitely like the 10-spokes, though they look great with Torq-Thrusts also. Here is a pic when we trailered it home.


VERY NICE early 67!!! Could have been built in the first or second week of production!


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Thats extremely cool. No real mods planned for the car other than a set of aluminum valve covers, and maybe a disc brake conversion.

So a base model?

What did you pay or ball park the price of what you paid?

More pics?



More Pics:

Its a base model Cougar.
It was priced below market IMHO.

Wow - really nice find!

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Really clean looking car. I love the color. Congrats!

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Thank you! I really like this car. I should have had a cougar years ago.

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Very nice. Is the 4 barrel a premium gas car?