Just finished after 13 years

It’s not completely done, but it moved under its own power for the first time in 13 years. What started off as an engine upgrade turned into a restomod. Don’t worry purists, this was only a 2v Windsor car. Yes, I know there are things that are wrong with it, but I feel like I took the best parts of a 69-70 and made my version of what could/should have been. I want to show other Cougar people!


She looks really sharp. You did a great job.

Wow - really nice work! Would like to see engine pix. Those front seats are cool and look like they match the factory upholstery.

Thanks much. I’ve had the car for about 40 years

427w dart block, afr225 heads, sniper xflow, 250hp n2o, makes 600 NA on 87 pump gas. Still have some finishing touches underhood…

Those are corbeau race seats recovered in leather of the same design as 69 xr7

I had the arm rests covered in leather too.

I didn’t figure those headers were bolted to a 351W 2V, but wow! That’s gotta be a lot of fun to drive!

That radiator upper bracket looks interesting… can you show more details?
Also found the banner helps explain the “Petty Blue” influence!!

Wow, not one spec was left untouched. You really put some thought into this build. The seats look good, are they as comfortable as they look? I just installed TMI covers and foam and being long bodied at 6’4" I now have to look over the windshield and wear goggles when I drive. My 5’2" wife loves them. Back to the drawing board…

I’m 6’3” so i get it. I bought the corbeau seats because they are 2” thinner top and bottom so I gained leg and headroom. Wasn’t cheap starting with $800 seats and dismantling them to have them covered in leather…they are quite comfortable. They make a wide version, I’m 250….so

It’s actually not petty blue…the Plymouth banner was at the shop that painted the car. The color is 10-18 Ford Mustang grabber blue….

The upper bracket is a stock radiator support inverted and metal worked

I’ve only been 5 miles down the road, still much sniper tuning to do, but there was zero traction. Probably going to need to run drag radials all the time

Love it!! It’s just finished and already out in the snow. :whistle:

Great job!!!
Purrty Cat.

Very slick build. I love it! Great job and congrats!

Finally made it to a car show! Last one of the season thanks to RFI issues causing the Holley Sniper to reset while driving. FYI, if you ever install a Sniper on your vehicle, upgrade the engine to chassis ground to at least a 4 gauge wire. I ended up overloading the factory head to firewall ground. I made a rookie type mistake not upgrading that since I had added 8 new accessories grounded to the chassis. Lessons always learned the hard way! Got a Top30 anyway…

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You should be very proud of your Cat! One of the nicest I have seen! Great job!

Thanks! I am proud. Already thinking of my next project. Another 70 cougar with a 7.3 Godzilla…

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Looks awesome! Beautiful work!

Amazing job dude! Absolutely stunning Cougar! I am dreaming of the day mine looks that good. What’s going to be your next project?