Kickdown Linkage for FMX

Digging into some backlogged projects and the return spring on the kickdown linkage for my 1969 351W 2V FMX combo has been missing since I rebuilt the carb and it disintegrated into rust flakes. I’ve got the supposed replacement spring from NPD and by the part number in the manual it is correct, but when I put it on this is what it looks like, and this doesn’t seem quite right (black spring, big bend). Seems like it should be a shorter spring, or am I attaching it wrong? The print in the FSM is a little hard to discern.

It does seem to drive find, shift points are about right, kicks down when floored, occasional hard shifts but I’m guessing that’s mostly caused by this missing spring.
Does anyone have a picture of how this linkage should be laid out?


Should there not be a secondary back up spring on the throttle linkage?

Ford never did. NHRA rules in certain classes require one.

Yea, the throttle spring is correct per the diagrams in the manual, it’s just the kickdown spring that is giving me questions.

Couple of things,

  1. That spring does not bend like that
  2. I’m not sure you have the correct spring
  3. You are missing the dashpot and mtg bracket
    I have attached a couple of pictures showing the dashpot bracket and kickdown return spring for you as a reference.
    This is not your particular carb but should give you a better idea of how it is attached.
    Let me know if I can help you out any further.

Thank you for the tips, I just got a response from WCCC and they said it looks like the correct spring. I’ve found the dashpot online but it looks like I am short a bracket as well. Guess I’ll do some digging in the parts manuals and see what I can turn up.

Finally had some time to dig into the parts manuals. It does look like I should have a dashpot there as well as a different bracket that will presumably rectify the spring routing. I’l get the code off of the tag and that should help narrow down the part numbers

Got the appropriate bracket installed on the carb B8AZ 9B550-B but the spring is still way too long for where the linkage needs to sit. If anyone has a couple pictures or measurements on a properly setup linkage that would be really helpful!