Kids and Cougars

As a father for less than 3 years, most pics I take these days include my daughters. Many of my recent Cougar pics include the kids. As I go through the hum-drum portions in life of working and paying bills, seeing a child’s excitement and wonder seem to jump out of a photo re-sparking enthusiasm in myself. Kids are great and we are all proud to post pics of our children. So, here is the thread to post pics of your Cougar and kids.

This is my daughter Marcy along with her sister Violet in the stroller next to my 69 SS at the Musclepalooza drag race event in West Lebanon, NY 9/4/16.

Here’s a great pic of me and two of my three kids at a local Optimist Club Breakfast in the Park car show on Father’s Day this year. As the kids get older it becomes more and more difficult to obtain shots like this. Thus why only my 17 year old daughter and 14 year old son were able to be with me. My oldest was away at a university coop placement and couldn’t make it back that weekend. I cherish times like these and pictures are the best ways to capture these memories! Enjoy your children while they’re at home…they’ll be gone before you know it!

Where is the like button… As my son is grown with a family of his own, I sometimes over do it with pictures of my granddaughter. Hold em tight.

From Prowl 2016 having her first Root beer float with her daddy.

This was the first time at the track earlier this year.

Great shots guys, I remember those days! Last year, my oldest learned to drive a stick in the '67!

This one goes a ways back to when we won “Best Cougar” at the local cruise when Cougars and Mustangs were the featured cars of the night. I lost track what year this was. But I CAN say Jr. (older son) is now 13 and Little Brother (younger son) is now 10 and they’re taller than the sponsor who presented them the award.
Cougar Owners cruise night.jpg

Was that the last time the car was out of the driveway? :whistle: :laughing: :unamused: :laughing:

Wish I thought to bring ear-muffs to the track this past weekend. Every time an open header car went by I had to cover my 9 month old’s ears. After a couple runs she got used to me covering and quit squiggling.

Best buy has earmuffs for babies and so does bed bath and beyond. Had to ask my wife about that one. We thought they were a pretty good investment. They fit a lot better than an adult set. Our guys pretty calm anyways but he doesn’t seem to mind a night at the track wearing them. They ran some pro mods last time we were there and theres no way we could have watched without them

Here is what happens when you start them young–The photo is from 2008 or 2009. My son began going to Carlisle with me annually in 1998.

Not…quite… but not too far off-base either. LOL!

I SWEAR I didn’t put him up to saying that!

Too bad my daughter is sleeping through the entire car ride in my 69.

Found this picture and figured I should put it up too.

Caleb, that’s a great image. My grandkids - who are my second chance with cars, since I have no kids of my own - are a bit older (5 to 10), but I can’t wait to see the youngest’s reaction to, for instance, the '68’s headlights and tilt-away wheel!

The sequencing tail lights are usually a big hit too.

My 10’year old Lucy.

This one is from February, when I was able to convince daughter to go for a ride with me to the store or something. She is usually not very enthusiastic about riding in Dad’s loud and stinky old car…

About 2001 the kids are a lot older now. Mitchell just started college last week and my daughter just started her first real full time job two weeks ago.

Someone who appreciates the car that will be his one day…