"Large Ford parts sale in Minnesota"

Hi - Sharing this from the FE Power forum that I frequent. Straight up copied the Gentleman’s words per below.

“There will be a large Ford parts sale in Roseville Minnesota starting next weekend Oct 3rd-Oct 6th. The majority of the parts are from the estate of our local Ford friend Kurt Gartner, but also includes parts & cars belonging to Ron C. who is hosting the sale. The vast majority of Kurts parts were for FE’s, but there is some good 429-460 stuff there, and a bit of Small Block Ford, etc. Also some general performance parts & engine builder tools. If you go to the Twin Cities Auctions website there is a link to the parts list. Be advised parts are still being added to the inventory list, so keep checking back. They will also email you a copy if you want. I’m helping tag parts, if you have any questions here I can try my best to answer them, or check with Twin Cities Auctions. Just to be clear, this is a “garage sale”, not an auction, the intention is for everything to be priced by sale time. Thanks.”


Here’s a link the the FE Power post as there’s some additional pictures.


Wow, that is a LOT of stuff! Saw a few things that caught my eye, and a lot of things that aren’t described well. Could be a lot of treasures on those tables! Wonder how the prices will be.

Yes indeed. That’s a Pavlov’s dog list of goodies.

Being a “garage sale” and not an auction, does that imply you must be present in MN for this sale?

Whew, glad I didn’t have to put that list together must have taken weeks to go thru and catalog it all. This should be a lessen to us. Sell the stuff now and watch restorers enjoy it. Don’t sit on it because your kids will just sell it off!

I have reached out to the auction house to better understand how to buy the smaller items. There’s formal documents in regards to the car bids but I can’t imagine them auction off all the little bits and pieces.

My vote for the quote of the year/decade

Did anyone attend this garage sale? There were some key 427 and 390 parts on that list.