Leaf Spring Choices

I made the mistake of putting 5 leaf springs on my car.

I’m looking for a something that’s comfortable and will provide improved handling and keep the stock ride height.

So far I’ve seen that Eaton has a 120lb “improved” handling 4 leaf, global west has a 130lb 4 leaf and there are other vendors offering 4.5 leaf springs in the 165 range that are supposed to help prevent wheel hop.

What do you guys think about spring rates and 4 vs 4.5 leaf springs?


I like these for the wt savings when not using stock springs https://www.calvertracing.com/index.php.

If you are looking for comfort and wheel hop prevention together, a different spring alone (of any type) is not going to get you there in my opinion. Buy a comp handling spring from whomever (Espo is a good choice for not having to spend the bank) and then you’ll need a traction-aid. I run Espo springs and Cal-Trac’s. The Cal-Trac’s do bang a bit under certain conditions even though I have the pins that contact the leafs covered in clear vinyl tubing.

Do you know what the spring rate is on your spring? Is this similar to the Eaton “Enhanced” spring?


Sorry, no I do not. You can call Espo and speak to them, that would be my suggestion. My recollection is that I bought their spring that is built to the OEM “competition handling” spec’s.

So I’ve done some research, for the 69 coupe the standard spring is 85 lbs, the “enhanced” handling spring is 120 lbs and all the 428 cars had 135 lbs springs.

So I’m trying to decide between the 120 and the 135. I think the higher spring rate for the 428 cars was meant to help deal with the extra horsepower as opposed to weight as the 351 and 390 cars both use the 120 spring.

I have almost 500 hp so it seems like the 135 would be the best choice.

I adjust mine so that there’s pressure on the springs all the time. Doesn’t seem to hurt anything, and they’re perfectly silent. I don’t even know they’re there until I hit the gas and the car moves out straight with no wheelhop or drama.

I’ll have to try that! Thanks Jay.

The above describes how my R Code vert launches, and I don’t run any traction aids. I used Eaton Spring for the rear leaves. They asked if the car had A/C (it does), and offered a heavier duty version (as if you had the battery mounted in the trunk), which I ordered. The car rides great, and launches just fine.

That’s great to hear. I ordered almost that exact spring from ESPO. I’ll let you know how it rides when I get them in.

UPS was supposed to deliver Friday and I was planning on installing today, but late yesterday I got a notification that they had been rescheduled to Monday… :frowning: