Leaky convertible top

My 69 Cougar’s top is leaking from the front, where it joins the windshield. The top repair expert says there is nothing to be done. Is there a recommended lubricant for the black rubber seal or a way to add an additional gasket, ideally without it looking shabby? I have a 5 hr trip to Carlisle PA coming up….

Never had a Cougar convertible but I used to have British convertibles. A thin wipe of Vaseline did the job to keep water out at the header

Without knowing the exact ‘formulation’ of the type of rubber used in the weatherstrpiping, I’d be reluctant to use Vaseline ( a petroleum-based product ) due to its degrading effects on rubber, except for NBR ( “Nitrile” ) and FKM ( “Viton” ) which are resistant to oil-based materials. The internet is full of cautionary notes on using Vaseline ( the least of which is that it attracts dirt and will cause a build-up over time ).

A lot of alternatives are available ( and have been used without deleterious effects ):

(1) AGS Syl-Glyde ( SG-8 )
(2) 3M Silicone Paste ( 08946 )
(3) Shin-Etsu Silicone Grease ( HIVAC-G )
(4) Sealey Red Rubber Grease ( Vegetable based, SCS-110 )

Best of luck with getting a resolution to this issue.

Wax the stainless windshield frame. Then adjust the J - hooks as tight as possible.

How old is the rubber seal on the front of the convertible top? If it has hardened over the years, you may want to replace the seal.

I used to have the same problem with my convertible…

Then I put the top up :rofl:


Thanks folks. I’ll get the oil and wax and tighten the hatches and let’s see if those suggestions hold water.

OK so I got some special rubber restorer stuff and … no change. Some oily residue on window glass.

I can hear the wind coming through the gap. When I pull down on the top from the inside I hear the gap closing.

Has anyone tried the WCCC weatherstrip kit? I wonder if it’s worth a try

It’s not the original top so I wonder if it would work. I will ask them.