LED Headlight Conversion

Anyone ever heard or tried these guys?

Never heard of those guys. I have used this kit several times and it is great.
LED Headlight Kit 1967 - 70 Cougar

I used dapper lighting in my old galaxie. Iā€™d recommend them again.

I used this kit in my 70 Cougar, no issues or problems. It is like driving a newer car at night!

Octane Lighting 5-3/4 Stock OEM Retro Style Glass Metal Headlight LED 4000Lm H4 Light Bulb Headlamp Set (G5 LED Bulbs, 5.75") Amazon.com

I am curious why you would buy the same kit as me for $20 more?

Those are great, I installed the same 7 inch headlight from Octane lighting on my 308 Ferrari and what a difference from the halogen.
I was afraid to use that car at night and now I got a modern car lighting.
The current draw is minimal ,so no voltage drop from circuit ,
And also a great feature is the glass lens, so there is no awkward look (from other led headlights on the market) on a vintage car.
I will install those headlights on my Cougar when the restoration will be completed.

Royce, is this set (2) low and (2) high lenses, or are they all the same?

The wiring adapter is different. From the auction:

ā€œ5-3/4ā€ Stock Glass Metal Headlight LED 4000Lm H4 Light Bulb Headlamp Set of 4"

So, instead of 2 low/2high - these are 4 low beams?

The box contains 2 of each hi and low beams. The auction says one set of four. It is everything needed to do one car. Everything!

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