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Legendary Cougar Magazine

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We’re now taking pre-orders for Legendary Cougar Magazine, Volume One. We’re offering both print-only and online-only versions, as well as a combination package including all six issues of both the print and online versions at a price that can’t be beat.

Be a part of something great! Traditionally it took thousands of subscribers to make a magazine successful. Conventional wisdom said the Classic Cougar Community was just too small. However, by harnessing the most current technology in desktop publishing, online magazine presentation software, and print-on-demand printing, we have developed a new way of doing things. And of course none of it would be possible without the dedication of a group of committed classic Cougar enthusiasts!

If you have dreamed about a magazine dedicated to the Mercury Cougar, it is time to step up and help make it happen. To start production of Legendary Cougar Magazine we have to have 200 paid subscribers. If we can’t reach the goal your money will be refunded in full, but we think that with your help we will find more than enough support to make the dream a reality. Check back here for updates as the number of subscribers grows!

Our plan is simple. Once we get to 200 subscribers, we will start publishing a new issue of Legendary Cougar Magazine approximately every two months. When you subscribe, you will get six online issues for $23.99. If you prefer print, we have that for just $59.99. Want both? The combination is still just $59.99 per year.

Subscribers will be notified by email when the first issue is available. Until the first issue debuts, be sure to check out the demo issue.
Legendary Cougar Magazine Sample Issue


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Full online access to all six issues PLUS
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  • US addresses only!


Count me in!! Thanks for setting this up!

Looks good Bill, but print subscribers US only? :eh:
This would be something worthy of a hard copy.

Bill, I tried to subscribe via both Google Chrome and IE 8, but couldn’t pay for the subscription. I just keep getting a message that I need to make sure my payment details have been entered and the browser supports Javascript. So far I haven’t found any place to update my payment details. I’d also prefer having a PayPal option, if possible.

I just subscribed for the print and online edition and had no problems using Windows 7.

Subscribed to a combo via Firefox on Linux. No problem.

Bill - how do we go about advertising?

WOW! Thanks to every one that has subscribed! As of my last look about 7:30 am my time, we were up to 6 subscriptions!

Bill P, We will take a look and see if we can see the transaction details. I will be back with more information. Paypal is possible but we will need to see if we can integrate it properly. One of our issues is that the payment gateway has to talk to the pay wall to control access. Paypal transactions usually occur on thier site so we may not be able to query it when you come to see Legendary Cougar online.

Comp Elimin8tr we are working on a solution for international post but so far we are finding the rates to be very high. More than $5 and issue. IS that acceptable? Can you give me an idea about what other US mags are charging for international delivery. This is an area where I have little knowledge, so I appreciate the help.

Bob, lets talk about what is fair for you. I will send you a PM, and THANKS!

Bill P, I just got email notification of you subscription. Thanks! Did you do something different? I am just trying to find the bugs… I tested with every browser I could before we went live, but there is always something.

No, I still haven’t been able to complete the process. I never entered any card or other payment information.

Very easy to order, WCCC will spread the word so we can hit the 200 by next week hopefully. Thanks Bill!

I am also trying to subscribe but can’t. I was able to enter address information but can’t put in payment info…the credit card field is grey and has a revolving pair of dots like it is thinking but not completing it’s process.

OK, I was able to get around it! I clicked on the “My Account” tab, and from there I was able to add payment information! I am signed up and paid for!

Bill, I was finally able to complete an order with payment but I had to do it when I got home. I think our corporate proxy server or IT security may have been an issue. I’m also using IE 11.0 at home. So you may show two orders for me but only one with payment.

Awesome Bill! Hope this takes off. Let me know if I can help with photography / graphics / design / typography / layout in some shape or form.

P.S. - I have much nicer versions of the 70 brochure (and a few others) which I painstakingly scanned and blended together so there’s no page seam.

Bill P, the best we could come up with was javascript blocking. Pretty common in corporate settings. We are looking for fixes to make it work better on our end. Thanks for the update and we will delete the earlier entry if needed. Thanks for the extra effort.

I think we officially have 20 subscriptions so far. The order numbers that you guys are seeing are far higher because we did a lot of test orders before going live.

I’m in! :slight_smile:

Pretty amazing, we are not at 42% of our goal, that is 84 subscribers signed up… WOW!

Saw the mag in my WCCC email and nearly wet my pants. I had a good look at the info, without success, but can one subscribe from Australia?

How, when, why, who please, it’s looks awesome! Gotta have it!

Bill, I tried to subscribe for the online version (because mailed version not available in Canada, yet) but it is trying to charge me a sales tax. I thought most states only charge sales tax for residents only of the state where the business is, or am I wrong (being wrong does happen to me occasionally)?

I paid the sales tax but was wondering the same thing. Also, NG with IE8, but Firefox worked. Hope I was one of the first 50 subscribing to the print version so’s I can get’s me a WCCC calendar!