Let's guess the hammer price..... GT-E at Barrett Jackson 2022!


Original drive train?

I know nothing other than what the online ad says.

I’ll start, 180,000.00


Anybody know the history on this one?

I’m in at $89,500.00 We never know but I am of the opinion that it will be lower.

I’m sure Pinkerton does. Maybe he’ll chime in. Hard to make a good guess without more info.

Anybody that watches this stuff knows that a lot of it will depend on what day and what time of day it rolls across.


64K - reserve not met

It’s got no reserve.


Nice looking car, $165,500.00

I’ll go with 90K


In light of the new information I’ll change my bid to 91,000

I think $150K is the new $100K, so I am saying $150K

Not an XR-7 - $120K