location of sequential flasher can

I’m in the process of changing sequential tail lights, side markers, blinkers to the LED plasma. Need to swap the flasher can to the new LED flasher… I’ve looked everywhere in the glove box, not locating it easily. Can anyone advise? 1972 Cougar XR 7

Thank You!

Not sure about 72, but in '69 it’s located under the dash behind the radio.
You might want to look around in that general area.
Good luck.

Thank you, i’ll keep searching. :slight_smile:

There is a pannel above the glove box. If I remember correctly itis held in place with 2 Philips head screws. it has all the relays and flasher cans on it.

If your doing the kit from WCCC, the new unit part # 12135 replaces the unit in the trunk, new unit part # 12827 replaces unit behind radio. The behind radio location is an general location comment look to the left and right of the radio location. On my 73 old part # 16137 was attached to the harness more on the passenger side above the radio location :smoke:

Thanks guys!! … I am replacing with the wccc. Fi
All looks great except blinkers not blinking. I’ve been upside down in the floor boards with flashlight searching for the flasher can :hugs:… I will check these area’s further. :grin:

This is what the 71 Wiring diagram shows for location(I’m pointing with a green pin. I had the panel down in mine last winter checking to make sure there were no problems.

I found it, replaced it with the wccc sequential plasma LED flasher unit part 12827 all lights come on, blinkers not working … going to check grounding to trouble shoot. The wccc video mentioned may need to replace the ER flasher can with an LED or solid state unit.

Keep us posted on your progress, i’m sure someday in the future i’m gonna upgrade my 73. I’m not sure what you mean by the “ER flasher”, If you mean emergency / 4 way flashers thats what you replaced old part 16137 with new part 12827. If you still have issues after checking grounds and such i’d reach out to Richard at WCCC, thats his phat cat in the video and he did a lot of work and testing when the plasma’s were introduced. :smoke:

The first diagram does not have a few of the XR-7 and GT items on it. This one should fill in any blanks. I have a full set of factory wiring diagrams for 1970 and 1971. I have some from 1969.

I haven’t come across one not working because the emerg flasher not changed. Have you cleaned the grounds on the radiator core support? They are right behind each headlight housing and are the primary grounds for the turn signals. Are you testing with the car running? I’ve got a 73 that I’m working on that won’t work with the conversion and found only 10.3 volts at the turn flasher. Check with car running and check again at about 1200-1500 rpm. Vic Yarberry had one with a bad voltage regulator not supplying enough voltage. Hope this helps!

Thank you for helpful info!!! I’ll have some time to check things out today, I will for certain post my progress :grin: