Long Time Off of CCC

With the closing today of the BAT auction on the green 1968 Cougar XR7 GTE 4 speed I was again drawn back into the CCC website to say hello. Again, I was the original owner of a Cougar just like the one that didn’t sell today only my car was an auto in Cardinal Red with Dark Red Leather seats. Many of you know who owns the car today and I am so glad that he does and is taking such good care of it. At 76 I’m still around and am a care taker of my wife of 52 years who has Parkinson. Some of you have seen the photo of my new bride staying behind my Cougar after our wedding 7/2/1969. I still love her and I have so many great memories of what was my very special Cougar for two years. I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your special cat everyday. Aloha, Jerry Carter/ Gainesville, GA

Thanks for checking in, Jerry. I had the pleasure of doing some final detailing on your old car. It was quite a treat for me to spend a few days with it and to drive it with a light foot on the gas :liar:

That is a great looking 70 Cougar you have. I’m glad you were able to drive the 68 XR7 GTE 428 CJ. I saw some photos of the car after you detailed it and the car looks great (better than I remember it when it was new). That red over silver is just a great combination. Thanks.

Recent photo of me I took myself in my bathroom’s mirror wearing my 50th anniversary of the 7 Litre GT-E T-shirt.

Ha! LOVE the pic Jerry - thanks for posting.

I’m the person responsible for those shirts :smiley:

Thanks, Jerry. Having a good base to work from will always make the detailing more effective.