Looking for 69/70 front bumper guards

I’m looking for 69/70 front bumper guards. I have a customer Cat in need of these. Any condition.


I think I have a set. I’ll take a look today.

Thanks, please let me know what you find!

Found them. One is nice driver quality condition and the other one is in rough shape.

Second picture didn’t load. Some pitting on this side.


Is there any significance to those bumper guards? XR7 only?


They were avail on all 69& 70Cats. Part of the “exterior decore group” I believe. Think there were other items included… maybe door edge guards? Would be detailed in dealer brochure…

I call them “Fangs”

I’ve just seen them listed separately on Marti Reports as “ Front Bumper Guards”

For 1969 they were a stand alone option.

For 1970 they were part of the “Appearance Protection Group”. That included bright front bumper guards, bright door edge guards and color-keyed front and rear mats.
On Waco Cat they were a $31.10 add to the MSRP.


My White 70 XR-7 has the same option as Waco Cat and also was $31.10 on the window sticker.

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Looking for a pair of front bumper guards for my 69 if you know of any.thanks Dennis.

Hello Blackcat I have a spare set. If still in need, you are welcome to contact me by P-M.

That would be great! Dennis. 847-421-1520 or ltbulit@comcast.net . Thank You…

Thank You!