Looking for a 1967 390GT Manual Radiator

I am in the middle of a full restoration of a 4 speed 1967 Cougar GT and would like to find the correct radiator either restored or restorable. Let me know what you have. Thank You

I have one that has been recored but it is for an automatic. The 1967 Shelby guys have pushed the price tag way up - these are very expensive radiators in good shape.

Royce, agree they very hard to find and expensive when you do. I appreciate the offer, but at this point I would like to hold out for the correct one with no cooler.

They are pretty rare since the 24" reproductions fit and work better. The '67 at least has a reproduction shroud available right now.

Good to know, thanks. Are there 24" reproductions available without the trans cooler connections? Do they fit the '67 mounting brackets or do I need to change to the '68+ radiator bottom brackets? I may eventually end up going that way.

So far as I know they all have the transmission cooler.

I have the correct 1967 Cougar 390GT manual radiator your looking for. Like Royce said, its the same radiator that the Shelby GT500 used, like many other parts on the 1967 Cougar that cross over and prices have sky rocketed for really nice original parts. Its beautiful and I paid just south of $700 just to have it restored 2 years ago. Not sure if i want to sell it but it would probably be in $1700 range. I’m still walking tne earth looking for a really nice automatic core.