Looking for a 68 cougar in SoCal

Hello everyone, I’m looking to purchase a 68 cougar that’s ready to go. Not a show car but an honest driver, Auto/AC/302/no rust (center console is a plus)

My search range is Bakersfield to Calexico

Thank you for all the help last year. I ended up buying a 69 xr7 but let it go to find a 68. It was a great car but I can’t get over the 68 styling.

Hello, I have a ‘68 with 302, auto, clean CA car. It’s in good, original condition. Located in OC. Let me know if interested?

Sweet car! Looks like it fits Duck’s bill perfectly!
(Yes, pun intended)

Interior pics?

Just curious what your price is.



Pls see interior pictures.

Really nice! Thanks for posting them.

Sent you a PM

Hi George I sent you a PM.

Holding out for an AC car. George is very nice and responsive if someone wants to go after his car.

The reproduction center vent and the associated trim piece are now available. If you can find the dash fascia you can now add factory air with all new parts

Thank you, I’ve seen the kit with the vents and factory switches. If I can buy a car set up the way I want it’s one less thing to do later.

I completely understand that. As an Arizona resident AC is essential. Given that, every car is a compromise it seems. So you have to decide what each one needs. I personally would rather add AC to a non rusty car than have to fix rust.

About the AC vents, the side vents have been available for years, but the center vents are new, not previously available.

I may have been spoiled with my 69. AC, XR7, sports interior, AOD, Aluminum radiator with dual fans…it was sweet just not the year I like the most. It took over a year to find that car.