Looking for Center link 1970 Cougar w/ power steering

I’m looking for a center link for 1970 Cougar XR7 Convertible with power steering.

The roller pin broke off in mine then a tap broke off trying to get the remnants of the roller pin out.

Fred Richardson


Pretty sure I have one.Will try to get out to shed later today and have a look

Thank you

I looked but apparently I only have the 69 version.I will keep on the look and let you know if I find one,sorry

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Is there anyone around you who does Electro Discharge Machining (EDM)? That may be your best bet for getting the pin and broken tap out of the link. I have one in the Detroit area if that is helpful.

Thank you for looking.
I appreciate it.

Thank you for the tip.
I found a machinist who specifically says he does EDM.
I’m hoping to bring the Center link to him either tomorrow or Sat.

I know these are supposed to have a roller pin inserted to keep the power steering valve assembly from rotating. Would it be wrong of me to either have the hole tapped then secure with a screw or the other option is to drill through the center link and use a bolt and nut to secure the Valve body. What are your thoughts on the safety and reliability of either option.

I don’t claim any expertise for this. I’ve never had an issue with the roll pin and would suspect that is as or more likely to stay put than a screw. Do you know how yours got broken?

It broke off when I took the valve assembly off the Center Link. I pulled on the pin and it separated just beneath level on the Center Link. I tried drilling out the pin using a drill press with no success. That’s when I tried an hex head easy out which broke off. If I created a dimple in the remnants of the easy out I might be able to back it out but at this point I’m thinking I would be better off taking it to a machine shop to have them clear out the hole for the pin or replace the center link.

The roll pin in my center link broke off many years ago. I never replaced it. I have never had an issue with the control valve moving on the center link. The clamp should be sufficient to keep it from rotating.

So, maybe a should leave well enough alone and run with it.
I wondered about the significance of the roll pin.

I would not “leave well enough alone” regarding steering, braking, or suspension. I’ve not looked closely to see what forces the roll pin actually constrains, however I will bet FoMoCo did not spend $0.02 for the pin plus the 2.8 seconds of labor to install it without a damned good reason.

Just an observation from my 30+ years as a steering, braking, suspension engineer for one of Ford’s suppliers.


if you are still looking for a replacement center lick, i have a couple. PM me, thanks


How do I PM you in this forum.
What condition is the center link in?
How much do you want for it?

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