Looking for Elite Marti Reports for '69 & '70 Eliminators

[quote=“Mike_B_SVT”]1970 Eliminator 351C Production Numbers

1,425 with 351-4V Engines (M)

955 with FMX Automatic Transmission (X)

  • 188 Competition Yellow (D)
    —88 Black Standard Bucket Seats (1A)
    —21 Black Houndstooth Décor Bucket Seats (3A)
    117 Competition Green (Z)
    —21 White Standard Bucket Seats with Black Appointments (AA)
    ------8 with Sunroof Option

There is at least one of those 955 that is Pastel Blue with black houndstooth interior. Yes, it’s mine. No, I do not have a Marti, only an Eminger report.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

What do you guys think about incorporating the “known examples” into the mix? I mean, I don’t have firm numbers on alot of the colors and combinations, but like Randy pointed out, we know that xx number of Pastel Blue 351 cars do exist and are in the registry.

At this point I’m leaning toward “firm numbers”, but I admit that adding in “known examples” would help flesh out the data a little bit.

Hmm… it might become confusing though; which numbers are “firm” and which are “known examples”.

I could add a Font Color to indicate the firm data from Elite reports. Or indicate the “known examples” by using a + after the number (i.e. 14+ Paste Blue).

What do you guys think?

Mike, you can do it however you would like. I threw out my comment about my 70 more as a piece of trivia than anything else. If you do decide to expand into the known cars you could possibly do 2 seperate reports. One based on Marti information and one for the known cars. Just a thought.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Known cars would be pretty easy ~ just a pivot table based on the Eliminator Registry data. I’d want to clear it with Dave before I posted something like that though.

Ok, updated the 428cj Eliminator post adding the comp blue info for automatic cars, thanks to Joe Valenti (JSV). Thanks Joe!

Certainly it should have Dave’s input. Personally I think it would be interesting to see.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Did I ever send my report for a 70 Eliminator Boss 302 Cougar I now own ? it ends in 10220 :wall:

Got one on the 70 cj elim I just sold.

No worries! I actually do have the data from your car already, from when it was listed back in 2013. I always wondered what happened to that car. Dave W. told me recently that it had sold. Great score, by the way!

Don, could you please send me a copy? I would appreciate it!

I did get some info on '70 comp gold Hertz cars recently, so i need to update those numbers.