Looking for info on an E-cat in Iowa...

Hey Fellahs,

Spotted this one on CL the other day but haven’t been able to get a response from the seller. I think the seller may be ignoring my emails because I’m not local, which is reasonable.

'69 Eliminator w/ 390, 4-speed. Metallic blue.

I emailed Dave W. to ask if it might be in the Eliminator Registry already, and he can’t be sure without the vin. He added that the registry has no blue S-code 4-speed cars listed in IA.

So is there anyone in the IA area that might be able to get some more info on this E-cat?

Thanks in advance,

Looks like it has a 428 CJ hood decal???, but the side emblems on the fender appear to be 390. Need the vin number. I sent an e-mail too and will see if I get a response. The Cougar club sticker looks like it is from the mid 80’s.

Thanks Brian!

I saw the hood stripe too and was thinking it was probably added by the dealer to dress it up. Maybe?

IIRC, the 390 fender badges are “early production” cars only. Anyone know the cut-off date on those?

try Bill Veach, 515-289-1635