Looking for Two Specific ‘69 Cougars

This may be a long shot.

My boyfriend and I are searching for two Cougars that belonged to his dad (Robie A. Goranson) in the Bay Area before he passed in 2004. He was a part of the Mercury Stray Cats for quite some time. We hope to at least locate them to see if they’re still out there. Ideally someday we’d love to be able to purchase one or both back for my boyfriend and his older sister to restore.

I have limited info and photos on each but I do have both of the vins!

The first Cougar was white or light gray. I believe he sold this one before his passing and kept his other one. The vin is 9F91H205298.

The second was orange with a black vinyl top. This one is the one we’d love to find as it was the one that their father kept. Their mom sold it around 2005 I believe. The vin to this one is 9F91H549175.

Again, we know this is a long shot and we aren’t totally in the position to be purchasing one at the current moment, but we’re willing to figure it out if the opportunity presents itself. Ultimately if we’re just able to locate one and hear a bit more about its life since being in their family we’d be over the moon.

If you know someone or you personally own one of these we’d love to chat! Please message me with any info you have or give me some tips on finding these if possible.

Update: first cougar’s vin is actually 9F91H505298. I made a typo!