Looking to get my 68 XR7 painted in Oregon, recommendations?

Hey guys I’ve got a 68 with a pretty straight body and surprisingly rust free car as far as I know. I’m located in Portland, OR and would like to hear your experiences and opinions on paint and body places if you have any. As far as my coug goes, it had a little collision in the rear drivers quarter that has been 75% pounded out so it needs a little bit of the wavy ness finished and then my front nose piece is pushed in a bit. It’s probably unrealistic but I’d like to spend at most 8k to get the body work sorted, taken to bare metal, repainted a different color with stripes - door jambs included. With that being said I’m willing to bring the car south or north of me if that means I can find the same quality work for cheaper.

Let me know, thanks!

Looking to go from the Augusta green to a gunmetal grey with a black stripe

I know it’s not what you asked for, but IMO stick with the Augusta Green - one of Ford’s best colors ever. (AKA Highland Green on Mustangs such as Bullitt)

Totally agree - painting the car soccer mom grey isn’t going to enhance anything. Augusta Green is a really good color. Add a stripe if you want to.