Loooking for .030 pistons with .927 pins 302

need 4.030 pistons for 302/289 a 69 block

What is the stroke? A 289 and 302 use different pistons.

It is a 3.25 stroke

That will be a custom made piston. Race Engineering is likely the best price 561-533-5500 They are in the Ft. Lauderdale area 9 - 5 eastern.

Thank you. As the price steepens, I’m considering using a stock 3" stroke crank and some 289 rods I have sitting around. I know you get what you pay for, but putting a g in pistons alone, makes this a different echelon of performance than I was hoping to skirt with. Thank you again, and I will have to research into looking at comparing gm pistons to sbf for the pin size. Other than that, I will have more parts with dust on the shelf.