Low Fuel Relay Wiring

After inspecting my low fuel relay, I found the red wire from the female connector/plug isn’t connected to anything. According to the schematic (see attachment), it shows that wire #366 (red) goes to the starter motor relay.

Anyone know if just wiring into an ignition source with this wire would work just fine?


Purpose of that red wire is to light up the low fuel dash light for prove-out only while engine is cranking. If you connect it to ignition 12V, your low fuel light will stay on the entire time engine is running.

Alright, that makes sense now as to why the schematic shows where it connects. Thanks for clearing that up!

One wonders why the engineer did not simply connect it to the start terminal of the ignition switch. Seems like there would be less wire.

True, definitely a way shorter run.

I’ve wondered that myself. Maybe it was added after they already had the dash wire harness in production?

The under hood light with its inline fuse holder connected to the battery post on the starter solenoid also seems like an afterthought. Tapping into the fuse block would be alot cleaner and more direct run there too.

Connecting everything directly to the starter solenoid creates a real rats nest of wires on a fully loaded car.

After searching for a wiring diagram for the '67 low fuel light, I recently found this topic. Very useful, although I had previously found the red wire goes to the starter side of the solenoid… Unfortunately the laminated XR7 diagram shows it attached to the battery side - had me confused for the longest time, mind you,I confuse easily ! This forum is pure Gold.

Those laminated schematics are better than nothing but I like these a lot better for a '67 XR-7.

Link to larger versions:



Thanks Royce. I go in to their website, but can not find an index of the wiring diagrams. I must be missing something. Fortunately I’m not desperate for diagrams, would just like to have copies for future reference.

I added a link. There are only two pages. They are both the same drawing, one is simply larger than the other.