Low optioned g on Ebay.

Found this on Ebay while looking foe 68 cougars. a 68 G 302 2v no ac, no sunroof, manual drum brakes and g package.
The car has been converted over to front disc’s and is in decent shape.


Thanks Scott

I saw this one yesterday. Pretty nice but I don’t think it is worth more than the current bid.

It’s a pretty nice G. If you look at the history of recent G sales on eBay two very rusty G’s went for around $6,000 and they weren’t close to being driven without putting at least $20,000 in them. So if this goes for less than $20,000 it will be a real good buy and driver in my opinion. After all it’s a G car with a nice color combo to boot.

Its worth well over $20K. I would not call the car low option, it has PS, auto, PDB and the XR7-G package. Adding factory AC would be the only thing I would do if it were mine. That is an easy and relatively inexpensive job that would add value to the car.

Royce I agree I think the car will bring over $20,000. It says in the item description on eBay that it’s listed as a low option G in the registry. I have not had time to check the registry to see how it’s listed. It also says that it was a drum brake car that has been converted. Overall the car is nice and A/C would be a great addition.

It’s sitting at 15K. Putting in the A/C would take up the difference so that is why I said it isn’t worth more than the current bid.
It is a very nice car though and I wouldn’t mind it in my garage.