Lower Dash removal today...

I bought a digital copy of the Service Manual, I can’t seem to locate the removal of the lower dash (metal dash w/ glove compartment) instructions in the service manual. I would like to hear any advice and tips from people who have done this before.

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What kind of car are you working on?

Sorry 69 XR-7 Hardtop w/ Air, Power Windows, Auto (FMX)

Best tip I can give is have some help, it is long a ackward to handle. make sure to mark your bolts and the pilot holes.

We’re in the process of making a video on replacing the heater core on a '69 Cougar with AC, and we’re going to include a segment on taking the upper and lower dash off. The project is on hold for right now, so it’ll be a little while before that video is done. But what I can tell you is that you need to remove the dash pad and instrument panel first, before you can get to the support struts for the lower dash. The dash pad itself is pretty easy, just undo the screws around the top and sides, pull it away and disconnect the clock, if applicable. Then, the thing to look out for on removing the instruments is not to just pull the speedo cable out, you have to pinch the plastic clip that holds it in. The lower dash is held in by brackets attached to the cowl, and sides / kick panel areas. (Oh yeah, you have to remove the kick panels as well). Also, you will have to drop the steering column. Here some pics I took that might help, to show the mounting brackets:

There are other bolts along the bottom, and elsewhere. Don’t forget to pop out the under-dash light bulb sockets, and undo the wiring harness from the clips on top so it’s out of the way. There are one or two ground wires attached to it as well that you’ll need to remove. Basically, to make a long story short, there is a lot of crap in the way! :bloated: You may want to take pictures as you go, so you remember where everything goes. Good luck!

Do you also have to do that for a '68?

No. The metal part of the dash on a 67-68 doesn’t unbolt, just the dash pad.

Removal part was easy, and mark the points where the dash sits now. The reinstall was challenging. You’ll need someone to hold one side while you start bolts on the other, alignment is also important because things like the glove box door will not close properly unless the dash is in the proper place.
My lower dash was repainted and everything was painted with rust protector so all alignment points were lost. It cost two of us the better part of a day to get the lower dash adjusted correctly. SalD Cougar GEEK

I am planning to replace my dash clock on 69 xr7 vert, put in new dash speaker and maybe radio. Do I need to remove the entire dash? I pretty new to all this so I would appreciate any comments!

The clock will come off with the pad. About as easy as it gets.