Lowering Leaf Springs

Finally changed the wheels and tires on my car (225/50r16) to get that sorted, now I’m on the the suspension. First step is going to be lowering the car to a more reasonable height as it sits too high. The front will be handled with a the viking coil over set up (shelby drop and control arms in the future). The rear is where I need some help. I really don’t want lowering blocks because it needs to drop about 2" in my mind. I have good leafs from WCCC that were bought some years back, but are just too high.

Are there replacement springs that will drop a true amount, or is it best to just have them re-arched? I’m outside of Austin and I saw that a truck shop in DeValle - Atlas Spring Service. Re-arching just sounds best to me because if I order springs, who really knows how much up or down the rear will go.

Here’s a picture of how it sits currently.

For the front I recommend the Shelby mod. I did it years ago - stock rear ride height - I like the look quite a bit.

Both of those cars look fantastic. I’m not sure why my rear leafs sit quite so high. If my rears looked like either of those I wouldn’t touch them. I installed the QA1 pro coil on the front this morning so I’ll be able to do lots of adjusting from that end. I dropped the front an inch with the adjustment in those. I’m now on to working on the rear. Over the next few days, I’ll re-arch the rear springs and report back.

Well I went through with it! Overall, I dropped about an inch from the spring pack in total. Both springs are within about 1/4" to 1/8" of one another. I laid everything out on my bench with paint marks to slowly evaluate progress as I went. I have a feeling they will drop a bit more than the 1" overall, but I will know that once quick performance gets the 3.55 third member sent out. It’s spiraled to every “while I’m in there” project, so hoping to have it wrapped up by the weekend.

So not installed yet? BTW - the prior pics of my car were the same car - one with original paint and 14" ‘Motorsports’ Mustang wheels, the other with the recent repaint and 16" wheels.

Finally dropped it on its wheels this afternoon. If I were to guess, It dropped between an 1-1.5" front and rear. The front QA1 Pro Coil is way too easy, so I’ll play with that a bit more. The rear dropped id say just over an inch which is what I was looking for and matches how much the re-arching of the leaf springs accomplished. I added some 1" lowering blocks, but that was just too much drop, so I removed them. I’m going to do the Shelby drop in the next week or two as well as add the open tracker monoball bushing on the front strut rods. At that point I think it will be ready for a full alignment. Once the posi gets here I plan to pull the axles and get that installed. I also ordered the Raybestos MC36251 Master cylinder, and I’m hoping that fixes the long pedal travel issue I’m having on the braking side of things. Again just a while I’m in there, might as well thing. Also I added the QA1 TS601 rear shocks, they fit nicely now that its lowered, but a nice thing with those are the extensions you can buy for them to adjust the mounting locations while keeping full shock travel.