Lubrication for Sunroof cables

The sunroof Service Repair Manual states that Vaseline is the correct lube. Dose anyone have another suggestion for lubrication ?

White Lithium is what I use.

Thanks Don ! Lithium should stay in place better, with the hot temperatures where I live. I want to get it right the first time.

Vaseline works well too. It also doesn’t leave any residue.

I have always used vaseline on both sunroof cars I’ve owned. No problems ever.

Sounds like both are good. Thank you for the replies. Eric

Liquefied unicorn fat was the original specification.

Ah, yes. LUF is hard to find these days.

You can use Rhino-Lube™. Rhinos are just unicorns that have let themselves go.

But it can only be harvested during the dark of the moon so that is why it’s so hard to come by. :smiley:

Make sure your LUF is low ash…

And you have to check the zinc levels… Hard to find Unicorns with plenty of zinc in their diets.