Make it a Legendary Christmas WIth Legendary Cougar Magazine

Although Legendary Cougar Magazine is no longer in production, back issues are still available.

Legendary Cougar Magazine is the only magazine ever dedicated to the classic Cougar.

Volume Three is still available form the original print run. There are four issues and it costs $39.99 Online access is included free!

There is one set of Volume Two in stock. If needed I can order reprints of these. Volume 2 is six issues for $59.99

There are two sets of Volume One in stock. We can get reprints of this volume as well. Volume 1 is six issues for $59.99

All individual issues are also available as well as lower cost online only options and even free previews. You can find it all here:

Thanks for posting this Bill.

Now you have one less set of each volume of Legendary Cougar.

Thanks! Going out today.

Bill, can I order an entire set of the magazines? I was an online subscriber and I think I would like to have a hard copy set.

Yes you can, Right now You have to order each volume individually but they can ship together. I will see if I can get a single complete collection item created.

I got word from the printer that the reprint run won’t be done until December 13. I am going to ask them to do a partial shipment if it’s just an issue or two holding things up.

Awesome!! Thanks Bill.
To save on shipping I can certainly wait until they are all ready to ship in one go.