Max wheel size for 68s using 17” rims

I’m switching my question over to this forum…probably more appropriate.

Looking to put 17” wheels over the winter for my new purchase as there are more tire choices and I’m fine with a slightly smaller sidewall. Anything larger may not be appropriate on our older cars…had 265/285-19s on my 13 GT that looked good. I want to stuff as large of a tire as possible, but not worry about rubbing though.

In looking at different discussions ands browsing classic Mustang sites as well, I’m looking at 17-7 / 17-8 wheels and 225/45 or /50 fronts and 245/45 rear tires. I like the Legendary line WCCC carries as a few of them are in 17.

Has anyone else jumped to 17s and have pics?

On a 68 Cougar I use to own. Fronts were 17x8 with 4.75" back spacing. Backs were 17x9.5 with 5.75" back spacing. Tires were 245/45r17 and 285/40 r17 respectively. I rolled the fender lips and had no rubbing issues. Suspension wise, fronts 620 1" lowering coils, kyb shocks, TCP adjustable strut rods, Borgeson power steering box w/manual steering linkage, and global west upper control arms that were mounted lower (shelby a-arm drop) which helped clear the upper ball joint. The rears were Mustang’s Plus cougar specific 5-leaf mid-eye leaf springs, kyb shocks, and home made traction bars. I daily drove the car until I found another cougar that was a better starting point.

Nice. I probably won’t go quite as wide then…probably sticking with the 17-7 & -8 rims based on rims I’ll purchase through WCCC. I don’t want to mess with the body on this car which limits me a bit.

I wish this forum had a “sticky post” for individuals to post their wheels/tire sizes and pics to give others a better idea in how they look and what fits.

I’ve got 245/45r17 in the rear on a 8” wheel and 4.5 backspace. The fronts are 235/45r17 on 7” wide and 4” backspace. Shelby drop with 1” lowerspring, rear stock height springs with 1” lowering block. Will drop the rear some more to match the front height

Still got some room in the rear for wider too.