Mecum Colorado 2022 Nov stray

Mecum, Colorado 10 Nov, 2022
Passed to me by someone that knows my heavy interest in these first gen cats.
Sorry that I do not have more information.

any idea of the selling price?

No, I did not attend. Just sharing the art. It was a “passing through” opportunity for my enjoyment.

I recently sold my 68 XR-7 4 speed 302-4V cat to a father son in Texas. Kinda wondered what it went for,as I sold mine for asking price, which by the way Bring a trailer refused to list due to the price I was asking. They though it was too high by 20K. Then the GTE and a few other listed/ sold for good $. They asked if I was still interested in listing mine…

Ill log onto Mecum & see what I can find.

Looks like it was sold in Las Vegas for $19,500 Standard auto unrestored…

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Thank you for straightening that out Cougar_Bill. I guess I had even less information than I thought. Can the title be changed from Colorado to Vegas?

The photographer lives in CO so i figured that was where it was taken.

Would it be prudent to have an auction thread?
Pictures and prices and dates whenever one comes across the block. Not to included internet sales like Ebay or BAT or at least separate them.