Mickey Mouse, the Father of invention Or That's not Concours

On one of my other forums, we have a thread going showing some of the more creative modifications done to cars, which may or may not be what Henry intended.

Rear sway bar installed with U-Joint clamps to attach the end link eyelet.

Wooden door as found on a 1967 Cougar, with inside handle and latch.

Here is a muffler hanger…literally.

That fist pic looks frighteningly close to how I might go about making an adjustable sway bar and I bet the panel gaps on that wood door are damn fine!

Wooden door as found on a 1967 Cougar, with inside handle and latch.

One of the rare prototype Cougar woodies complete with experimental electric cooling system!

saw this, and thought of this thread

Where’s Jeff Foxworthy? “If you’ve ever used a 2x4 as a suspension link…”

Looks like it’s starting to split. Time to swing by home depot and pick up a replacement. Either that or he needs to wrap that end with a bungee cord or three. >.>

The first thing I thought of was to use about 4 wraps of double tie wire on each side of the bolts and synch it up real tight for a more permanent fix, but I’m a rodbuster by trade.

Bailin’ wire or zip ties would hold that just fine. Shoot, might even be worth tryin’ plain ole duct tape first…

I was gonna say duct tape will fix that…

A good suspension shop would’ve wrapped it in duct tape before they installed it.

Red Green has a few ideas up his sleeve. “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”


oh cool! now i have room for the mother in law on trips :y:

I think giving the “theme”, I would just take the Christmas lights that have no doubt been hanging on my house all year to “tie” everything together. Then a power invertor like they sell at the truck stops so that I would have some home made neons for cruise night. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Headlights bad? why not use “tap lights”. According to the late Billy Mays they last a lifetime, and you can always believe those as seen on tv ads.

Couldn’t you just shoot a couple 16p nails into that to hold it together?

Dry as that wood looks, it’d probably split worse!