Mirror detail and glass replacement for passenger side?

So I got some good used mirror parts at the last swap meet here in Denver. My question is, (since I got parts, of parts) is, how are the mirror base and pedestal secured to each other? Is the passenger side gasket sold by itself? Also, what is the best source for a replacement glass? Is there a detail photo somewhere for the assembly by itself?

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What year are the mirror parts for?

For my 70- I’m fabbing together these pieces

That uses 2 sheet metal screws and a sheet metal plate that acts as a nut plate.
You can use that base, but it is not the correct one, the correct one will have a casting number starting with D0OB.

the car came with a bad aftermarket chrome piece on the door- So I’m just looking for something to use until I make up my mind if I’m going to fill the holes, or keep a wrong part there. The car didn’t come with a passenger mirror so I’m still on the fence about what to do…I haven’t removed the ‘bad’ mirror base yet. At first glance, the contour seems right for the piece I have. I had to spend a few minutes with a grinder to get the two parts together, but it’s looking pretty good at this point. The prefix on this is D0DB, which, according to WCCC is often read wrong. Other than the bit of material I had to remove, it looks like it will work well…

D0DB is a Maverick part.
What is the length between the holes?
I sell an installation kit that includes the gasket and door inserts/screws.

Vic Yarberry
Cougars Unlimited LLC

If one end of the mirror base has a point, that won’t match the gasket that I sell - you will need a Maverick gasket. Also, check the angle that the mirror sits - the Mustang/Maverick mirror ends up at the wrong angle because it is mounted on the side of the door (not the top).

I could tell by the angle of the base to door area that this was the Maverick/Comet base. Like I said you can use it, but like Vic said, it will mount to the side of the door not the top.
Another base you might find at a pic & pull is for the mid to late mid size cars. Thunderbird, Torino, LTD II, and Cougar from 1974 to about 1979/80. That is what I have on Ginger, one has to be well versed in correct parts to notice. It sits on the top of the doo, but is not quite as tall. I think it looks better.

That looks good on there! Again, I know it’s the wrong part, and the car should not have a passenger side mirror. However, there is a POS aftermarket one on the car right now. Or rather, the base of a crappy aftermarket one. I just was thinking if I can use this until I’m ready for the expensive part, it will be a good deal. Anything on the actual glass replacement?

I got one of these for the above noted R/H mirror.

They also have just the mirror element.

and this one,

You might be able to get a local glass shop ti make you one. But I think they might want more then one from WCCC would cost.

Thanks for that! I think that the imported assembly will be my choice for now- Until I get ready to fix the holes in the door, or at least check the measurements. They sure do look better with the side mirror in place…

This is a better shot of what is on the car-and I still have to decide on the final choice.