Miscellaneous 69/70 parts - Free to good home

Hoping someone can use some of the leftover parts that have been sitting in my garage. All items are free if you pay shipping. PM me if interested.

Item 1 - SOLD Reproduction windshield washer reservoir. Never used.

Item 2: SOLD Hood latch; bead blasted, missing spring.

Item 3: Tri-spoke steering wheel pad. SOLD Black or maybe very dark blue. Trim piece that I tried to restore, with questionable success, included at no extra charge

More coming…

Item 4: Lo horns - one OEM, one Repro. OEM doesn’t toot.

Item 5: SOLD Seat Belts. Mostly black, retractors are green

Item 6: Power Steering Oil Cooler - not Cougar. Not sure what it’s from but can fake it.

Item 7: Speedometer Gears - SOLD White is 20 tooth, short snub, green has longer snub, not sure how many teeth.

Item 8: SOLD Brake distribution block.

Item 9: Rear view mirror.

Item 10: Seat hinge covers. Sold

Item 11: Door panel cups for handle.

Item 12: Sold OEM Sequential blinker brains - unknown if work.

Item 13: SOLD Switch panels and switches. Probably don’t work, but maybe repairable.

Item 14: Window cranks.

Item 15: Steering column trim gaskets SOLD

Item 16: SOLD Radio bracket and knobs - some look like repros

Item 17: Shifter handle

Item 18: SOLD Ash tray frame & lid for console

Item 19: Reproduction windlass SOLD black

Item 20: Door Hinges - SOLD look good, not hogged out.

Item 21: Headlight vacuum hoses SOLD

Item 22: More seatbelts - green.

Item 23: Box of wiring SOLD harnesses and pieces - repair or cannibalize to fix yours.

Item 24: Eyelids for grill (1969) SOLD

I could use the black seatbelts if they’re the same as '68.

Item 25: SOLD New Old Replacement Stock gas sender - not low fuel

Item 26: Gas sender - not low fuel - repro??

Sorry, Al. Parts interchange research services not included (I know nothing of first gen).

That sender is interesting. It proves that there were non stamped replacements. I certainly want it.

I will also make a donation in your name to this site if you won’t let me pay you something.

WCCC video to the rescue. They are the same.

i am interested in the console ashtray frame and cover. Please PM to set up. Thanks

As long as you are not worried about the date codes.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I’d be interested in the washer reservoir, power window switches, and the radio bracket and knobs for the wife’s 69.

I am interested in the brake distribution block. PM me with details, shipping to 93552.

I think I sent PMs to everyone whose called dibs on items. If I missed one, send me a PM.

I sent you a PM on some items.

I’ve updated the first posts based on the additional requests. Items are still available if you can see the picture.

Supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend, so I might find more stuff to get rid of…

Sent you a PM on the horn pad. Thanks for doing this!