Missing Posts?

Hey there folks,
Just came across something a little odd. I check the active topics on the CCC website every day and sometimes multiple times a day to see what topics are posted. I have recently been noticing that there are topics in the CCOA Public Discussion area that are NOT showing up in the active topics section. What is up with this? Obviously you have to sign on to see the CCOA Public Area, is this the reasoning behind this? Makes me wonder what other topics in other areas are not being seen as well. Please explain or clarify what is happening.
Thank you,

At the time we set up the club forums the CCOA was in a rebuilding stage. There was a time when it looked like the forum would have to be the temporary home for the club. I think we set it up so notifications would only go to club members and they would have to opt in. Obviously the CCOA has thrived since then. I will take a look and see if we can’t fix it. Thanks for noticing that! Please let me know if you spot anything else.

Thanks for sharing that. I am a CCOA member and I don’t ever remember having to opt in to see notifications in that area. To be honest, I didn’t even know that area existed. When was it created? Obviously the people in the know knew about it but what about the rest of us?

Things got rapidly better for the CCOA and the forum became surplus pretty quickly. Nothing has been held back. All of this was over about 10 years ago. I think the way it was supposed to work was that after posting to the thread you would have to check a box to get notifications. The concern was that if it was heavily trafficked it might bury the rest of the site. None of that materialized. I just set the permissions for that forum to be the same as the main forum so hopefully in the future it will show up.