Molded hood blanket?

I got to thinking lately. Why is it we are not reproducing molded hood blankets? It seems that anyone reproducing one would make a killing. Every Mustang & Cougar needs one. Don this is for you. I might even invest in something like this. Could this be done? Do we not have the technolgy? Thanks

Yes… But my pockets are only deep enough to do about a dozen or so repros a year. Anyone want to invest by purchasing a large lot, consigning them with WCCC and have your money trickle back over the next 2-3 years with a handsome return? I have dozens of parts ready to go now, I think the best one is the 1969-70 fuel door lens.

How much are we talking to do molded hood blankets? What kind of return on the investment? I might be in for 10 or 20 thousand.

don, i just gorilla glued my lower section of the flange on my gas door lens for the 69,

but i agree, a decent hood blanket would be nice

I need a hood blanket too! mine is duct taped together.

I have no idea what i’m taliking about on this (shocking I know) but is this similar?

Yes… Here is what we have to say about them.

Thanks for the lesson Don, thats why I ask the questions :smoke:

Don - If you remember I looked into this a few years ago with Montco (Cliff Montgomery). They make an excellent molded pad for some Dodge products. I even sent them excellent samples of a 67/68 and 69/70. The investment was about 10K for each year plus an intitial purchase of at least 100 each. During the company’s move they lost my originals!

Have a local guy that makes insulation for cars (caters to the big bass needs). He used my 71 a few times during its build to make and cut patterns for interior insulation and produced a rear package tray (ABS with a layer of insulation) from my original. Stopped by the shop today and apparently he was back asking if he could take the hood off my car (its pretty much all together) and make a mold of the bottom of the hood. Not sure what he;s thinking of making or out of what material. Wasn’t real excited about taking the hood off the car again but maybe I’ll talk to him and see what he’s thinking.

BTW there was a NOS (original style) under hood blanket for 71-3 on Ebay a few weeks back. Guy had that and a NOS hood but would not ship :frowning:. Yes I offered just to buy the blanket and he keep the hood. Didn’t work :frowning: