More tilt away

Some pics from my semi-butchered setup. Where do the wires go that are coming from the vacuum motor? It looks like they were jumpered from the ignition switch? Do they have something to do with the neutral switch. Can I bypass so the car starts with the wheel in the tilted away position? I certainly won’t drive it that way.
Thanks for any help.


First it is always nice to tell use the year and if the car is xr7 or not. I have the benifit of working on the columns so I see it is a 1969
The tilt wiring in 67, 68, and 69 are all different. You have a 1969 which make bypassing the neutral safety switch to the tilt easy. Currently the neutral safety is by passed. The red with blue stripe wire coming from the ignition is to the neutral safety switch. You can unplug the bullet connectors and plug them into the vacuum motor as one is male and the other is female.
First picture looks like corrosion from the battery on the tilt relay.
Third picture is showing the red with blue strip in forground.
Yes the car will start and drive in the tilt away position

Thanks for the amazing info. As you already know it is a 69. Just to make sure I understand you correctly. The car will start and run in it’s current state. I do not have to plug anything into the vacuum motor plug?


That is correct the car will start all other things considered. All the vacuum motor does electically is make the connection for the neutral safety switch.
Yes I know it is a 69 - But people come here for information and may not know the year by the pcitures.