Motor mount question

Hi All,

I recently had the car on a hoist and noticed the engine bay support bar (goes under the oil pan) is awfully close to the oil pan and actually has slightly rubbed at some point. Anyone else with a 428 ever noticed this? I am wondering if the mounts have sagged. They appear to be ok but I’d appreciate hearing from any other owners.


Does your oil pan have reliefs like this?

Geez, not sure tinman, I’ll check tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!


Yes the reliefs are there. They appear to be for the steering linkage though. The pan is stamped FoMoCo and has 8 22 C on it. I’ll see if I can get some numbers off the engine mounts.

Just checked the mounts and plates too, DIZA-6038-CA. So they are correct too. It appears at some point someone may have jacked the car up using the crossbar. Could be possible it’s slightly bent. Have to see if I can find another.


Update: Purchased a stock crossmember and it fit’s with plenty of clearance. I suspect my original thought may be true. Some PO or mechanic jacked the f/end up under the crossmember and it gave somewhat.


I wonder if that is the problem I have with mine as well…

The advice I give is do not purchase an after market unit, They’re not even close. Find a good used original and strip/repaint.


Good to know, thanks!