Motor mounts for 1973 XR-7 convertible

Looking for motor mounts for 1973 convertible with 351 Cleveland. Only finding listings for Windsor or “modified engine”. Any advice on what I need and where they’re available? THX

Cleveland and Windsor would use the same mounts. The 351M was not installed in 1973 Cougars. But do not use the same mounts as a C or W.

Aren’t convertible and fastback/coupe engine mounts different?
I also think 73 engine mounts are different than 72 ???

I know 69 and 70 convertible mounts are not the same as hard tops. I haven’t worked on a 71 up convertible motor mounts.

According to the WCCC website, hardtop and convertible mounts are different. WCCC site says they have used hardtop mounts but not any for a vert, you may want to call to verify.

Not sure on the below if you upgrade to poly, there was no box to check for hardtop or vert

This is a great lead. I’ll make a ferw calls and will probably order. Thanks to all who replied.


Any luck on this?

I have a 73 Mustang vert that I’m suspecting the mounts have become rock hard on after 50 years. I can hear what I think is the fan contacting the shroud only on acceleration, and I pick up vibrations that seem at a frequency close to combustion events. When I shift to neutral the vibration almost disappears.

I contacted Damper Doctors. When I told him what I had he just groaned. Apparently, those mounts are very difficult to rebuild, and the price matches that.