Mr. Pinkerton!

Show us your ride! I hope I’m not out of line here, but I would really love to see the story of Cougar 1. I know most of us know this car exists, but I would be willing to bet that a lot of folks new to the Cougar world do not. Not only would I like to see the story, but maybe it’s own permanent inactive forum heading at the top of the forum listings just for the complete story of this cat and how it has gotten to were it is at today? Something to the affect of “How It All Began”? Without out this cat where would we all be? What car would we be enthusiasts of? There would be no CCC, no MCN, and West Coast Classic Cougars might be pandering a different ‘classic cougar’
(although I imagine Mrs. Rush might not approve…)

So what say ye Bill & Jim? The story of Cougar 1 at the top of the page permanently for all cougarphiles to see every visit to the site?

Sounds good to me. All kinds of special stuff right off the bat for that one!

What a great idea! Beautiful car that it is it deserves a special place on this site. :thumbup:

Sounds like a great idea. A permanent place for the car that started it all.

Thanks for the support guys. I have a PDF file saved that I got from this site: but would really like to see it featured on a ‘Cougar’ site…

Ragcat thanks for posting that link. Great read!

Great story, would be great to see some other pictures of the car and some close ups of the emblems or other unique features.

Couple of pictures I took at Jim’s garage in 2005.

Very nice…thanks for sharing, Brian.

That would pretty much be like a wet dream to own that car. There can be only one!

LOL, that was on one of the movie channels a few weeks ago while I was out in the cave…so I watched…I had forgotten how bad the acting was…

Seriously? You watch Highlander and critique the acting? I may have to confiscate your man card!

LMAO, said the guy searching out pics of dudes dressed up as fairies…

I didn’t have to search, it’s in my archives.

And this comes from the guy that owns prototype 1968 GT-E XR7 W code #500033 :poke:

I saw the car in person and met Mr. Pinkerton at the '07 Nationals in Denver. That’s a nice display on the wall on the drivers side in the 2nd pic. Thanks for the pics Brian. John

So I’m guessing the walking/running cat trunk lock emblem was a prototype only…??

Looked on WCCC, but didn’t see one there.

Correct. The running cat trunk lock emblem was recalled/destroyed due to the jaguar lawsuit.

I have seen several made up though using available running cat emblems.

I agree with the wall…I didn’t know the G poster was so big…I want one!

Ahhhh…pity! I like that look better than just “Cougar” across it.

I’ll have to look into making one up!

WOW!!! Seeing it in person is even better than an article/feature!! Thanks for posting Brian. I envy anyone that has seen it anywhere and to actually see it in it’s lair… awesome:mrgreen:

What a totally kick butt lair it is too!!!