MSD Distributor

I have been having problems with my MSD distributor. The second replacement distributor is now working but I have a varying voltage from the starter switch to the solenoid. I would like to change the wire but need a color diagram of the ignition system. Can anyone send me a link? Sal

Is a 1969 ignition switch and a 1970 ignition switch the same? Carquest did not have the 70 listed but I have a 69 coming today. Sal

Sal, I don’t know this one for sure, but the '69 switch was located in the dash, and the '70 was located in the steering column. This would lead me to believe that they are probably different.

Thanks, I’m in deep over my head on this one, I can get the car to run by jumping the positive side of the battery to the coil, but when current is directed through the solenoid, all it does is backfire . I’m taking it to a specialists in the morning.
Thanks Sal

The 70 switch is a one-year-only switch. Your only option is to find a good used one or an NOS one. To my knowledge, it is not reproduced.

I went to the local Horseless Carriage meeting last night and while discussing my problem with a few people at the table one guy offered to come over and help. He ended up replacing the hot wire from the ignition switch to the coil and we replaced the wire from the coil to the solenoid. That started her right up!

I have a new problem. I have power steering from the center to the right , but when I turn left it is like manual steering. I just replaced the power steering pump because the rear bearing was leaking and it froze on me. The pump does not know which way the car is turning so I don’t believe it is the problem.

Any suggestions?

BTW I was able to purchase a 1971 ignition switch from CarQuest the very next day. The switch and the wiring look the same but I think the plug may be different. It cost me 90 bucks if anyone is in need. Sal

There’s an adjustment on the PS Control Valve (under the end cap) that equalizes pressure left to right, but if it was working properly and then went bad, I would suspect some debris got wedged in there.

Will that switch come out or how can I clean it? Sal

Update: My gear box had to be rebuilt. I removed it and brought it to a local shop that replaced the valve and solved the problem.

The other problem that I have been fighting with was an exhaust leak. I purchased a set of shortie headers last summer that would not quiet down. After about 5 tries with different methods to quiet them, I took the car to a buddy who really did not want to change the gaskets but agreed to because he was going to redo the rest of the exhaust. His first attempt was not successful so he took the headers out of the car and found that there were small pin holes on the plate where the pipes were welded to the plate. Appeared that they were ground too close and the weld would just blow through. I took my long headers back and asked him to reinstall them and I would send the shorties back to Sandersons Headers. The long headers would not quiet down! Frustrated and angry with myself only, because I could not solve the problem, Sanderson Headers sent me a new set of shorties. I picked up the car with new headers, X pipe with beautiful sound just last night. I have not had time to remove the car from my trailer but I can’t think of a better Christmas Present. Sal

Isn’t it great when you finally overcome one of these problems? I have been fighting a header leak on my sons car. I will check for pin hole leaks before I put another set of gaskets on it.

Nothing better than having a perfect exhaust,with just the right tone! Nice…