My 67 build thread - in the right forum


Been a while since i haven’t posted on my progress on my 67 project, apart from the usual rants and dumb questions :laughing: … I initially posted about it in the general forum but i think this is a better location. So here’s the link to the original thread for the background :

“On the last episode” i was installing a power disc conversion … that was 2 months ago. I did the wheel work which was in my comfort zone but then it went a bit downhill when i started tackling the pedal mods and brake booster install. It is still not finished. It took me a while because i was scared of the mods in the brake lines, i had never worked with brake lines before. I also started a whole bunch of other mini projects which sounded like no-brainers while i had the area accessible.
With the steering column out, i did a simple rebuild, it was a bit rusty so I cleaned it all up and repainted. I changed the upper bearing and installed a new turn signal (old one was shattered).
With the clutch pedal to equalizer rod disconnected, i found out the spring that holds the adjuster against the clutch fork was broken, and only half of it was hanging from the clutch fork … time for a new mini project ! took the equalizer bar out, cleaned up everything, replaced the pivot on the engine block and on the frame with new parts and new bushings, greased it all up and re-installed.
I read that the state of massachusetts requires a working windshield washer system - so i didnt want to take a risk with the old rubber, while the pedals are out, after removing the kickpanel i took the pump out and replaced the bellow, cleaned up the pump and switch from all the crud, replaced the firewall grommet and all the hoses.

Now I have also made progress on the brake project - because the old master cylinder had puked its fluid all over the firewall, I tried to make some basic paint repairs there. I enlarged the hole for the booster and drilled the extra hole nedded. Booster seems to fit. I did my first brake line bending and installation job to install the proportioning valve - overall super happy. I’m considering building a little bracket to attach the valve, i dont like having it hanging by the brake line.
I have also rebuilt the distribution block, with new seals from WCCC ($15 for 2 tiny rubber rings and a copper washer, ouch.)
This all sounds like i was getting close to complete… but that gave me confidence with working with brake lines … so i ended up embarking in yet another side project : replacing the lines ! when i purged the front line the liquid that came out looked pretty rusty so that convinced me to replace everything with stainless steel. I have the rear end done now as well as the firewall, but i still have the long front to rear to do, and the 2 small ones to the wheels.

I’ll try to post details of each of these projects with photos at some point …