My 69 XR7 project

Hi guys new to the forum. Here’s a pic of my current project (being new I guess I can only post one pic at a time).

I’ve owned it for the last 20 years. It’s been in storage for most of that time

Looks like a solid car!

I wish I had my Cougars looking like that before starting restoration! You picked the perfect year and model to hold on to IMO! :sunglasses:

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Thanks. Yes it is very solid, that was the main reason (besides being a convertible) I bought it. Just a few small spots of rust to deal with (nothing structural). I’m building an Eliminator convt in competition blue. 295/50/15 in the rear on 15x10 custom built styled wheels.

Welcome and yes you are right about the picture limit. It keeps the spammers and porn off a site dedicated to Cougars…

I get it. I just stated that as the reason for only having 1 pic. No worries.

Here’s pics of the 295/50’s I think I’m going to put a 1/4" spacer in the rear to gain a little more clearance on the inside. I will probably roll the lips slightly. I should have ordered 5 1/2" backspacing instead of the 5 3/4".

And for the heck of it a pic of my last Cougar project (finished last year)

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