My Cougar sells tomorrow @ B-J

Just a quick note from Phoenix… Man is it cold here. 48 degrees for a high temperature today.
22 hours from right now , the Dan Gurney replica will have a new owner . After somewhat sitting , looking , dusting , talking
and just generally hanging out , I look forward to this moment .
I could not find anyone that wanted to go to the Opening Night Gala tonight so bad luck with my sales skills in that area.
Tomorrow , will be something I have never experienced before .
As my brother in law said at dinner tonight . " I have always wondered why the sellers have THAT look on their faces after the hammer falls , NOW , I know why… "
It is all good… JT

Best of luck tomorrow! I hope you walk away with a happy look on your face and that the Cougar goes to someone who will take good care of it!

Good Luck!

Yes it is cold here! I have spent the past three days chasing frozen and broken pipes etc. Not fun.

Good news: it supposed to hit 70 on Saturday.

Wishing you the best of luck with you sale. I hope your Dan Gurney racer brings BIG $$.

Good luck! We’ll be watching and will have all fingers crossed.

Thanks for all of your good vibes… Bill , living up the hill , really must be frosty in Fountain Hills. That fountain must look like a snow making machine the last 2 nights. Keep some wood on the fire .
Based on the sale price I will either be bringing Burrito’s or Bar-B-Que Saturday night. There are so many stories to relate to this experience. The hierarchy of people , pecking order of participants , it is very much like a secret society . If you do not participate in these games often , you , do not have much traction . HHMMMMM , placement and presentation.
A possible idea for Fantasy Bidding . Limit it to matching cougars.
Lot # 1121 . Friday Car. Seems to be a 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator 428 CJ 2 dr Hardtop.
Lot # 1271 . Saturday Car .1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator 2 dr Hardtop. 428 Super Cobra Jet , Drag Pack , 1 of 5 w/ C-6 ,
3.91 Nodular R.E. , Born With driveline , external oil and power steering cooler , manual choke , Ram Air , Original hood cut out , SCJ reciprocating internal engine components…
O. K. make this idea better. Bid on # 1121 , on this forum. Perhaps by Thursday night or whenever.
Then , sealed bid on # 1271 for Saturday night , open the bids @ Bills Bash , and all proceeds go to funding the party…
No big deal , just a way to share fun of funding , and , how far apart are these 2 monsters going to end up.
Either way , these 2 will set a precedent for debate and value levels . Later Gentleman, JT

Any ideas what she’ll go for?

Sold at $30K hammer price.

Damn, just got back from walmart and missed it.