My Newly Purchased 1969 Cougar

Hello All I Just Joined A Couple Of Days Ago and bought A 1969 Cougar about A Month ago in West Virginia where it had sat inside a garage for the last 2 years. Before that the Original Owner had it in Maryland then sold it to the man in West Virginia the VIN # is 9F91H585716. The Car is Light Yellow with Tan Seats, has A 351 W/2V, Automatic Tranny, PS and AC. The Car has not been on the road for 28 years, I changed oil in it, pulled the plugs they were good and squirted tranny fluid in each plug hole before putting the plugs back in. A neighbor and I tried starting it but ran my jump box down and the neighbor tried his big battery charger on jump to try and start the car but he managed to burn my starter up. The floor pans are good and the quarters behind the rear tires are rusted off up about 2 inches. The bumpers front and back are rusty but I will decide what to do about that after I get the car running.

Welcome to the madness.

Old gas, and wet dist cap. Coil might not be to healthy and is still points/condensor, who knows.

Thanks for the replies! The dist cap is dry coil is good but the points wire were mashed flat in one place by someone years ago but wire is not broke after I replace the starter might put in new points, rotor button and condenser.

Yea, I’ve got to agree with Neal, welcome to the madness!