Mystery '73 MPC Cougar Model showed up at my door step

You might be thinking other “cougar model” but this is one I need help figuring out. My dash came in today, oddly I got another box today as well from USPS. The box was white priority mail box, hand written on the front was my name and address and sender address (name T. Greaves from NY). It was clearly hand written to me, correct address.

I had no clue and thought it could be a bday present from a family member so I opened it. It is a 1973 MPC cougar model, with the inside components neatly packed and protected, windshield clearly marked glass. NONE of my family knows where it came from, plus its a '73 (not a 70 like mine). I live in texas and do not know anyone in NY. No card or note came with it.

The ONLY thing I can think of was the ebay seller that shipped me my dash shipped this as well on accident…but the from address is way off, model came from NY, dash came from IL. Trying to solve this mystery, and or find its rightfull owner. Anybody have a clue??

Looks like I found the ebay ad

Im going to ask the seller a question…maybe shed light on this

You might want to check your payPal account history, just to make sure someone didn’t hack your account and make an unauthorized purchase. I assume your eBay account is not the one that won the auction???

No it was bought under a different name. First thing I did was check ebay make sure I didnt buy someting in my sleep lol. 0 won items, this was sold on Dec 31. Checking Pap pal is a good idea though…just checked it. No activity.

We’ll see if the seller responds. My girlfriend is home so she is asking her parents as well…odd.

westcoastclassicinc ( Feedback Score Of 1622)
Buyer, o***t( 1622) I wounder if Don knows any thing?

Hmm I didnt notice westcoastclassicinc anywhere, where did you see that?

OK, I need to get a hold of Don. If someone has his cell, please PM it to me or call him yourself and let him know. I think sometings up. I just received yet another package that I didnt buy. This time a nice set hub caps. I think whats going on is that since Don had the dash shipped to me directly from ebay, the address is still stuck on their ebay account and west coast classic cougar’s purchases are coming to me. Thats the ONLY thing I can think of.

Wow. Maybe a car hauler will show up with a nice GTE or something.

I know, I need more 70 stuff, I’ll just hang ou and see what I get, its like xmas everyday lol. I sent Don a PM, see if he knew anything.

Problem solved!

Well, was it Santa?

Nope just Don. WCCC ebay purchases had my address for a short time. Im sending all back to him.