Need advice on 69 Rx7 convertible.

Looking at buying a 69 Cougar Rx7 convertible. With a 351 Windsor, auto, ps, pb. Just wondering what to look out for other than rust. Going up in 2 days but not really a car buff.

See what works and what doesn’t.
Look down the lines of the car to see if it looks strait. Panel alignment was never perfect.
Does it leak?
Can you test drive it?
Are you looking for originality or something that cruises?
The factory trans would be an FMX. AOD would be a welcome upgrade.
Service records?
If it’s not pretty close to what you want, don’t get fixated as there are more out there.

Also, don’t perceive it as a fake if the emblem says XR-7.

Thanks for the input. I’m heading up tomorrow morning and will keep all that in mind.

I’m so pissed. A guy ran up there Friday evening and bought the car. What a joke. Hard to find any Cougars here in Canada only 2 listed on Autotrader in whole country. Gonna have to look up other listing sites. Feel like I missed out on a gem. Does anyone know where I can find any cougars in Canada or upstate New York???