Need detailed photos of concourse 1970 351C Engine Compartment

Does anyone have some detailed photos of a correct, concourse detailed engine compartment for a 1970 351C? 2V and 4V. Is there a Mustang website out there that might have this information?

Suggest you don’t search out “restored” examples since most will include some incorrect/non-original details owners choose or didn’t know about when they built the car. Other considerations would be how long ago the car was restored and what might have been substituted due to parts not being available. Instead look for original unrestored examples IMHO. Yes they will have some service parts possibly replaced but those typically stand out if you know the cars. And of course they won’t be shinny and pretty :wink:

Also remember to search out cars built at the same plant as your Cougar since many of the small details can vary from plant to plant due to the way the plant was laid out, workers choose to position themselves or which station did a particular task - like the direction of the inner fender bolts that attach the spring covers to the car and the finishes used on parts like the shock tower supports, battery tray, hood latch support and a number of others

One of your challenges will be that not as much attention to these details has been documented since most of the attention has been focused on the big engine cars

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J-Speegle has a point. If the 2 pictures he posted are of a Cougar the air cleaner decal is wrong. But ate correct for a Mustang. Cougars gay a silver/Gold Mercury 351 2V (or 4V).
This is only offered as an example of a correct Cougar/Mercury air cleaner decal for a 351 4V. Only difference with a 351 2V is the number 2.

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