Need help with factory AM 8 Track Radio!

Hi Classic Cougar guys and gals,

Should the AM 8 track radio that is correct for a 1968 XR7 have 5 push buttons? I see in the owners manual that there are no buttons. Which one is correct? I have the center console that has the round electric clock under the radio.



69 cougar definitly had the five push buttons on the 8 track radio. Not sure about 68. I’ll have to get one of the 69 8 tracks out of the box and see if it has a 68 part#.

Yes, 5 push buttons. Without tearing a apart my box of stored parts I clearly see that and the numbers T8MZ-1139_ _ _ . If you need the #'s I’ll dig it out.

hmmm… I am looking the 1968 owners manual and the illustration there shows no push buttons on the AM 8-track.

If my memory didn’t suck I would tell you that I’m pretty sure Don told me no buttons on a '68. What were we talking about again?

Bill, I pulled out my manual also. The very top picture shows the 5 push buttons at the top of the player.(as what I have) the second pic shows just the 8 track player. On page 22 it say’s there were two available, AM 8 track combination and a separate stereo sonic tape system. It says it would be located below the instrument panel. It makes mention that a AM or AM-FM stereo can be installed in addition to the stereo unit. I personally have not ever just seen the 8 track player only.

I personally have not ever just seen the 8 track player only.

Jon, I have an NOS one still in the box. Pretty cool, It’s mounted in a padded box that fastens to the bottom of the dash.

This is so cool! Forgive me for being such a Cougar geek…LOL!

I knew I wasn’t hallucinating (not entirely out of the question, but not right now anyway) and that you weren’t either, so I went to give the manual another look.

Here is what I saw: No buttons…

BUT CHECK THIS OUT: Instructions for how to set the buttons!

So they must have done two versions of the manual at least. My manual, on the back says First Printing August 1967 Form LM-3691-1C-68

I thought 67 AM/8 tracks had no buttons and 68’s do.

Mike, you might be right, maybe the 67’s didn’t have the buttons. Bill, on the back of mine it has second printing Dec. 1967 Form LM-3691-2C-68

I just love this stuff… The 1st printing shows what looks like the '68 knob, so that makes me think that it wasn’t just a reused photograph from the 1967 version of the manual. But the body copy describes how to use push buttons that are not in the photograph. Was there an AM 8 track in early '68 that didn’t have the buttons or did they just not have a picture available for the manual? Thanks for posting the picture of the page!

Your more than welcome Bill. Good point on the no button ones maybe being on the early 68’s. My Marti report shows my AM 8 track on there, and my xr7-G was built March 15, 1968. (I have the buttons)

Here are a couple pictures of the under dash 8 track player.