Need help with ordering parts 1967 cougar. I am new to the cougar family

Hello l need help ordering inner and outer window felts, the chrome vinyl top trim that kinda goes around the sides and the back to cover the vinyl top, the trim that goes around the back window, black dash pad, also l need the metal frames that hold the rubber insulation for the doors it may or may not be attached to the frame.

Please forgive my lack of knowledge regarding cougars l promise to learn quickly. My brother passed away and left a 1967 hardtop which is pretty much done minus these parts and a 1969 convertible which is in need of a lot one is in the interior shop the other in body/paint shop I will post photos soon. Thank you in advance for any and all assistance

Welcome to the Cougar world. I recommend West Coast Classic Cougar for your cougar parts.

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I need to actually speak to someone and all l get is voicemail from them. My brother loved ordering from them l am mew so l need a bit more assistance. I will call them again. Thank you for taking the time to respond and to recommend a quality vendor.

You can also chat with them on the website. One of the guys works from home in Kentucky. Get on early in the AM (8:00 am edt)and hes all yours. Everybody else is in Oregon.

Also, the window felts are very specific to the model. Base and xr7 are different, as are other variations. Cousult with them begore ordering.

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There is also John’s Classic Cougar -

And National Parts Depot or NPD -

As for having questions answered you will just have to try through the usual methods - emailing WCCC and John’s would probably be the best. You can also ask questions here so you are armed with that info before you order parts.

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Great advice provided above. As your new - Welcome to the forum and sorry for your loss. Also you will find that parts availability might mean that you will need to wait and order parts once they are back in stock. So do your learning homework and don’t be discouraged if things aren’t in stock right when you need them.