Need help with photo editing in Windows 7

This is off topic, but what I need help with has a big impact on what I can do for the site so…

The last Ride of the Month was pretty severely impaired by a chain of events that made it very difficult to put photos into the thread.

The back story. I am running Windows 7 and have been very happy with it. My other software is all compatible. About a month ago I wanted to post a video here. It needed to be rotated so it wouldn’t appear sideways. After some review on the net it appeared that the solution was to download and install Windows Essential Live 2012. I did so and edited the video. Initially it changed my default photo display program but I was able to return it to Photo Gallery. The version of Photo Gallery I had and prefer has basic photo editing functions that would allow adjustment of expose, photo straightening and photo cropping plus a few other features I rarely used.

Then about 10 days a go Microsoft did one of those over night updates and the editing functions in Photo Gallery disappeared. If I wanted to edit it opened a new program. This might not have been so bad but I got a "image too large"error every time I tired to open something. I tried to do a reset to before the update but it failed repeatedly. I then tried to uninstall Windows Essentials and that also failed, except to leave me without any form of photo editor… Tech support for Lenovo suggested I pay them $199 for a service subscription, or $69.99 for a restoration copy of Windows 7. I opted for the copy, as I could barely understand what they were saying. I have not yet received the copy of Windows 7. (I do realize I could buy Windows 7 on ebay for a fraction of the price but the Lenovo people claimed that the version they supplied (Home Premium +) has some additional features not usually supplied in the regular version, and that the photo gallery might be one of those items.

I don’t want to sound like a whiny bitch but I really don’t have the time to learn a new piece of software. SO my question is this: do any of you running Windows 7 have the Photo Gallery program with the FIX or Editing functions. and if so are you running the Lenovo version?

Any other suggestions are also appreciated.

I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium and it apparently has Photo Gallery with all the features. This was actually the first time I’ve ever opened it.

Not sure about one called Photo Gallery. Mine is called Picture Manager which has all the basic photo editing features I need. Had to have it installed at work and at home as a stand alone program due to it not being included with Office 2013 and after. It’s a free download included in SharePoint Designer 2007. Maybe a similar download for Photo Gallery.

Any chance you can give me a screen shot showing the bar at the top? Does it have a FIX option?

you could re-install Windows Essentials 2012

here is link to installer

when you start installer select “choose what to install” this way you can select to only install Photo Gallery and movie maker (they install together)

I got this link from this microsoft page

good luck

Went to look for this and realized there are five different menus, hence five different screens. The most logical seems like it would be the edit menu. There is no option there listed as “Fix”. There is a command called auto adjust which contains the editing features you listed. They are also available individually.

In the photo viewer that came in the Windows 10 Home that I am using.

In this view you can see the basic editing functions, not resize is not here,. However when you click on the 3 dots to the right top;

you will see in the drop down a resize option. Click on it and you will get this dialog box.

The box below will open, you can pick the resize method you want to use.(Note I did not resize this one)

I used the slider bar to take the first 3 down to about 40% of original.
I liked the editing function that earlier Windows photo came with. I do have a couple other editing programs including Adobe Lightroom. But use this the most as it is fast and most of my editing is just cropping. I post a lot of my pictures on the facebook group.
Anybody interested in joining the group is welcome. But please read the rules.

Bill, I don’t know if this will help you any. But I tried.

Thanks for the help. I am running windows 7 and since I have bunch of software that is compatible I need to stick with it for now.

Al Bundy does your screen look like this?

The screen I want to see looks like this:

Bill, What opens when you click on the double >> next to the ? in a circle at the upper right? I only have Windows 10 because the new lap top was loaded with it. Some of my old programs don’t play well with it. I want to know haw hard it would be to make new operating systems to be backward compatible? I bet it would be easy, just not as profitable. Good luck finding what you need.

I don’t remember for sure… I think it give you the option to open the image in paint and a few other programs.

It looks quite different. I’ll try and grab a screenshot for you from the home page. It does prompt me to sign in which I haven’t done since I saw no purpose. Perhaps that’s how you access the photo gallery. Mine shows images on the home page or let’s me browse for them.

Sorry for my unfamiliarity with this. A former employee of mine gave me a copy of Paint Shop Pro and I’ve never looked back. I think he “borrowed“ it when he was a college student, but I didn’t ask any questions.

Bill, from what I read Photo Gallery is still working? if so does it look like this?

if so the ribbon bar has been minimized, see image above select the little arrow at top left and when dropmenu opens uncheck “minimize the ribbon”

after that the ribbon bar should display again like this

The second image is exactly what mine looks like.

Thunderchero that is what I have now. The issue is that if I click on any image the next thing I get is an “image too large to open” message in the middle of the screen. Thee images are not large either, typically less than 3mp. And also the page itself is highly pixelated.

You can actually do that with compatibility in Win10. You set it for the run as the older OS. If I remember correctly, all the way down to XP.