Need help; XR7-G hood scoop paint detail

Does anyone have any info on hood scoop painting. I have the second built G, color is ( cardinal red ). The cat was repainted silver when I bought it in 1990. I just finished painting the car, but are the pockets in the scoop supposed to be painted black ? I have seen a few different blacked out versions too.

Yes, the “nostrils”, as I like to call them, are painted a gloss black.
A picture of my G.

This picture from an original ad.

I hope this is helpful.

I have seen the divider ribs between the pockets painted that creates one black looking pocket per side. Or I have seen the divider ribs not painted to create three individual pockets per side. What is the correct way ? Thanks

The paint is one black area on each side of center. When AO Smith painted them they masked about 1/16" outside the openings all the way around. It was not too precise, there was wide variation from one car to the next.

Well, Thank you both for your help ! That was one more question answered. Purrrrfect…